We've all been there, your players are nervous or not interested so you decide to shout at them and give them the hair blower treatment, but alas they become either overwhelmed or under pressure.

Well hopefully this guide can put you on the way to mastering this loud undervalued skill.

Why Shout?
Shout as loud as you can to motivate the players. The more motivated the players are the better they perform.
To achieve this we want one of the following reactions from them: Focused, Inspired or Motivated after the feedback.


There's not a single negative reason for shouting every 10-15 minutes as long as you choose the right one.

How To Shout
You open your mouth as wide as you can and emit a loud vocal noise...
Not quite, during a match you'll see the option to shout in the top right corner, next to Opposition Instructions.


Click the shout name itself for to apply it to the entire team, or to specific players by clicking the down arrow and expanding the menu.

Using Your Voice
Be warned, if your reputation isn't high or you've just started the job at the club, these may not have a positive impact. You'll need a bit of time for the players to start listening to you.

If you pressed the wrong shout or something happened during a highlight, you cancel it by going into the tactics screen and discarding changes.

Additionally, the cooldown period resets if either side scores a goal. Whilst you can't access the shouts during a goal replay, if you're quick enough you can click the dropdown menu before the replay starts and issue an additional shout.

Right after you concede. Never use it when even or ahead. Boosts morale.
"We're 10 minutes in, and you haven't gone 2-0 down, this is positive stuff lads!"

Calm Down
When winning by two or more goals, and your players are playing overly aggressive/ lots yellow cards. May want to alter your tactics to as it won't suit high tempo/pressuring/countering/get stuck in instructions. Furthermore will help pacify any players with an aggressive body language.
"I can't keep explaining away 3 red cards to the media as 'a willingness and desire to fight for the team' boys..."

Get Creative
When you have the lead and want to expand that lead.
"You cost me 75 million. Now play like Messi!"

Useful right after scoring to keep your players focused if they have become uninterested or complacent.
"We were 3-0 up last game too - and you blew it in the last 10 minutes and lost 4-3... just pay attention."

Show Some Passion
Works in a similar fashion to "Demand More". Probably the second best-shout. Works well if a player(s) are disinterested.
"The fans are going to skin me alive for this one."

No Pressure
Only if your pre-match/half time team talks we're no pressure.
"I will silently judge your every move."

Tighten Up
Useful in the last 10 minutes, if you are leading by 1 goal or holding out for the draw. Shifts their focus to defending.
"My tactics have failed lads. Block them with your bodies!"

Push Forward
Useful when level, or behind. Also useful when you've changed your tactic to a more attacking option, as the players focus will be to attack.
"Just score a goal right now. Stop missing from 5 yards out."

Demand More
Simply the BEST shout. Can always be used, except when it's late in the game and you have a massive lead.
"I'm convinced that if I tell you to play better enough times, eventually you will."

Use it right after scoring, or after a good spell of domination from your side.
"Holy moly boys. I think we might actually win this one..."

There's not a negative reason for not spamming every 10-15 minutes as long as you choose the right one.

All-in-all these don't have the biggest affect on a match but like Tesco's, every little helps.
TLDR Demand More every 10-15 minutes.

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