Football Manager dropped their feature reveal video two weeks ago, announcing the 'Big 5 Features' in FM23. The announcement has left the FM community with lots to look forward too when the beta and full release drop. One of the exciting big 5 features is the Dynamic Manager Timeline.

Source: Football Manager - Dynamic Manager Timeline Screenshot

What is the Dynamic Manager Timeline?

The Dynamic Manager Timeline is a brand new way to reframe your key moments, meaning each story will be personalised and unique for the person playing. This added touch throws out generic pre-made stories that are often shared by many and feel less personal and replaces the stories with ones built by the player.

Source: Football Manager - Dynamic Manager Timeline Screenshot

Whether you're a low league team or high flying champions, the DMT will analyse your game and record your key moments using Football Managers own developed Events System. The Events System scores each moment in congruity with importance, enabling a focus on the most important moments in your story. If you brought in a new trusty assistant, signed an impactful player or had a big win, it will all be detailed in your DMT. However football isn't always big wins, it's opportunities to learn from your mistakes and the DMT will also note these crucial moments down for you to remember and master.

The idea of  the Dynamic Manager Timeline is to present your story in a visually pleasing and informative way, evoking the emotion and nostalgia that accompanies each journey. Milestones, memories and critical decisions in your game will belong to you and be your own. The DMT will additionally make it easier for everyone to share their stories and moments with the community in a way they haven't been able too before, so be sure to show them off!

Source: Football Manager - Dynamic Manager Timeline Screenshot

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