Football Manager 2023 is finally here and the tactics are coming in hard and fast. We've put together a list of the top 5 downloaded tactics for Football Manager 2023 beta on FM Base so you can find the perfect tactic for you.

High Pressing Tiki-Taka 4-3-3

This tactic has already been downloaded over 6400 times on FM Base. This incredibly popular tactic was created by sngke on FM Korea and posted to FM Base by TacticTranslator. Keep possession and get your gegenpress on with this high octane, win the ball back at all costs, tactic. There are plenty of gameplay screenshots for you see the progress the original creator had with this tactic.

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ZaZ - Fire 0.1

It wouldn't be a top tactic list for FM without a contribution from ZaZ. This tactic has been downloaded nearly 2000 on FM Base and has proved that ZaZ's tactics are much needed for Football Manager. This is a very strong tactic with amazing results and if you want to dominate your save, you'll need to give this tactic a download.

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ZaZ - Frost 0.1

ZaZ is coming in strong for this FM Beta, with an update of his FM22 tactic Green. Renaming this tactic to Frost to avoid confusion, it has already been downloaded over 1000 on FM Base. It's been reviewed as a 'Strong for Top/Sub Top Teams'. Many FM23 managers seem to be having great success with this tactic.

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Midfield Beef 4-3-3

Uploaded by Melons, Midfield Beef 4-3-3 is proving to be a pretty beefy tactic by forcing wingers inside to a congested midfielder full of ball winners with big turnover and counterattack opportunities. Downloaded nearly 900 times, the success of this tactic speaks for its self.

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DorkSirjur is back again, this time for FM23 with another great tactic. This tactic has it all, with all three slots training players in roles. DorkSirjur has said 'Despite its odd shape its the most stable beta tactic I've made!', with users commenting that it's worked well for their underdog team and it's kept them stable in the table to.

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