If you're looking to kick off Football Manager 2023 with a Spanish save then look no further as we have our top 5 suggestions down below for you to check out.

Real Irún

The logo is from the following website: http://www.realunionclub.com/http://www.vflnet.com/infos/spain/real_union_irun/index.htm

Real Irún are a career third division type team recently and only went up to the second division for one season in 2009/2010. They have however won the Spanish Cup on 4 occasions but not since the early 1900's so it's very old success. Your job would be to bring back major success to the club, which would involve two promotions. They do have some younger players but you'll want to make use of free transfers and loans to get you to where you want to be. You'll have a lot to rebuild with this club, not just the roster but with the facilities as well, as most is either average or adequate. This is definitely a club you can put your own imprint on.

Deportivo de La Coruña

The logo is from the following website: http://www.canaldeportivo.com/http://www.canaldeportivo.com/club/entidad/identidad.html

Deportivo de La Coruña are a great club who have won the La Liga before but not for a while. Unfortunately in 2017-2018 they took a nose dive for the worst and ended up in the second tier and now find themselves in the third tier, in the Spanish Federations Divisions. This club does have a fair amount of money and still have lots of supporters who go and support them in their nearly 35000 seater stadium. You'll have approximately 100-200 million to spend in the third tier and are predicted to finish first as you'll have a fairly solid squad already. You'll have a lot of youngsters to mould and develop to help you get promoted and win cups. Training facilities aren't too shabby but you'll want to improve these once you get promoted.  

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Real Oviedo

The logo is from the following website: http://www.realoviedo.es/

Real Oviedo are a very special club as they sell stock so the club is owned by stock holders and fans of the club. Their training facilities are fairly decent with a lot rated good, but this is something you can improve later on. It is a very solid club all around in the second tier. It is a club that reached the La Liga a few seasons ago but this time they need your leadership to make sure they stay up in the La Liga.

Málaga CF


Málaga are a club that play in a very beautiful city in a very nice stadium and are one of the more popular Spanish saves. This is a club that aspires to get to the top of the La Liga. Málaga have some very solid players that you can start building your squad around straight away which gives you time to develop players and bring in new signings to strengthen your squad. They boast great training facilities which you will want to make the most of to build a winning team.

UD Almería


This club has been fairly solid over the years but have been up and down through the divisions with a very sharp rise in the 2000's to get them up to the La Liga but have dropped down a couple of times. They have recently been promoted and find themselves back in the La Liga having a shot to make themselves a big club once again. They have a lot of young players that have a lot of talent. One of your early day challenges will be to find a new striker to fill the space of Umar Sadiq who has gone off to a new club. Their facilities lack for a club in the La Liga so this is an area you will want to improve on pretty quickly.