Unfortunately, SEGA have issued a DMCA takedown with Google for our FM Assistant app. This means that the app will no longer be available, despite our best efforts to offer a similar level of detail to other creators and to mask sensitive information based on conversations with these creators. We would like to clarify at no time did SEGA or Sports Interactive contact us about this, and if they did so we would have worked with them to modify the app to their liking.

We are very disappointed that this decision was taken as we want to offer unique experiences for FM players and the FM Assistant was going to be a big part of this.

It’s safe to say, we hope that this is a one-off and that SEGA and Sports Interactive won’t continue to punish creativity in the community. As a site which has supported the CM/FM products for 17 years, we want to continue to do so, however we can only do this if we are allowed to. This won’t deter us though. We will continue to push on and innovate, so keep an eye out for more FM related things coming soon, as well as expansions to the Tactic Testing and other parts of the site.