With Base Rivals Season One’s arrival coming at 8:30 PM UTC, we thought we’d write up about how you can take part and what prizes will be up for grabs!

How can I take part?

Anyone can take part and join at any time! There is no deadline as to when participants can join. From the moment the season starts, until the moment the season ends, anyone can play Base Rivals.

All you need to take part is be in the FM Base discord server. There are allocated channels for each command you want to do, and everything relevant to how you play once in the discord server is at the Help section of our Base Rivals website.

What are the prizes?

In Pre-Season we gave away $220 worth of Zealand Merchandise to 8 winners. This season, we’re going with a different approach. There will only be 4 prize winners, but they will win cash, and in percentages. The reason we’re giving prizes away in percentages, is because we’re partnering with Matcherino.

The initial prize pot will be $200 but YOU can make this number grow. Through our Matcherino page, you can donate money to make the prize pot grow and increase the money available to the 4 winners.

There is also a scheme called Sponsor Quests, in which money can get donated to the prize pot - just for following an account on twitter! We’ll reveal more on that front in the coming days, but here are our winner percentages.

Visit Matcherino

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


From all of us here at the Base Rivals team, we hope you enjoy the next 3 months of Season One and follow our twitter account for all updates!