Sometimes it can be hard to choose who to dedicate hours on end to in Football Manager. That's why we've put together a list to help you choose the right club for you.

Derby County

The logo may be obtained from Derby County F.C..

Derby County has certainly had its ups and downs over the past 30 years and had more than its fair share of negative press. It seems that Derby County's luck during the 1970's when it won the First Division twice and reached the European Cup semi-finals, among winning several minor trophies, has since dwindled as the club has become embroiled in scandal and controversy in recent years. Between relegation, breaching EFL rules, a string of new managers, achieving the lowest number of points in history and legal action from Wycombe Wonderers and Middlesborough, Derby County has somehow managed to pull through and gain new owners this year. Could you be the one to restore this League One team back to glory?

Inter Miami CF

Inter Miami is new to the football scene, founded in 2018 and owned by David Beckham. So far they haven't won anything and received a sanction from MLS in 2021 for violating roster rules in the 2020 season. You have to be on top of your game to try and bring this team to success and re-build it from the bottom up. Can you take on the challenge?

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AFC Wimbledon

The logo may be obtained from AFC Wimbledon.

AFC Wimbledon is a new club that was born out of a relocation, supporter frustration and a name change. FC Wimbledon was much loved by its supporters until the Football Association allowed the club to relocate to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and change its name to Milton Keynes Dons. Fans were outraged at this and felt the club moving no longer represented Wimbledon or its history, this is when AFC Wimbledon was born. AFC Wimbledon currently holds the record for longest unbeaten run of matches in English senior football after winning 78 consecutive matches without defeat from February 2003 to December 2004. In 2021 they narrowly avoided relegation. Could you help AFC Wimbledon find wins again and climb up the leagues?


If you're looking for a fun challenge in the French Leagues then Lyon is your club. Once at the top of their game and getting many achievements, they've dwindled in recent years. The club is known for developing promising talent and was once known as the Premier League club in France. Manage money carefully and bring in new players to try to achieve top of the table success. Are you the manager to help them find success in the Champions League?


If you're looking for an easy save to ease yourself into FM23 or are playing FM for the first time then Newcastle is the club for you. This isn't because they have the best squad, but because they have pretty much infinite resources at your disposal. This means you can have a fun play around managing the club and as easy save building the club your way without any money worries.