If you're stuck for save ideas to get you started in the French League in Football Manager 2023, we've got you covered.

Girondins de Bordeaux


Bordeaux is a save that many FM fans will love. It is the French equivalent to Derby County, in other words, a financial mess currently. It's a save that will require you to fix the club from the ground up. Despite winning multiple league titles previously they are struggling with talent and having to use lots of young players whilst in midst of their financial crisis. You'll need to utilise free signings and loans during your first season to get started.

Paris FC


If you're an avid FM player you've probably already given a Paris FC save a go in previous FM versions, nevertheless, it is still going as a strong popular save. Paris FC has risen time and time again in an attempt to rival PSG but has yet to succeed in toppling the giants in French football. They have many young promising players that can be played alongside the club veterans to build up their experience. You'll need to develop these young players and stay on top of injuries if you want a chance to beat the French giants.

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FC Versailles


FC Versailles is quite a young club as it was founded in 1989 and they are currently building their way up through the French Leagues. They currently reside in the National Division and had a very strong run in the French Cup in the previous season. You'll need to make some improvements in early days as they don't have many players at their disposal, loans and free signings will become your best friend in this save at the start.

AS Saint-Etienne

Agences Barony et Trenta - https://www.asse.fr/fr/actualites/l-as-saint-etienne-devoile-son-nouveau-logo-ac31490

Saint-Etienne stands as one of France's most historic clubs, they have 10 Ligue 1 wins and 6 French Cups to their name. However, they now find themselves sat in Ligue 2 and will expect you to get them promoted ASAP. Try to build the club with youth players as they have plenty of them who aren't half bad. The club has excellent First Team training facilities and good youth training facilities so be sure to put them to good use.

FC Sochaux-Montbéliard


FCSM is known for producing some pretty solid talents over the years. In FM23 they are sitting in Ligue 2 with a very good and well-rounded squad. There are a few players you'll want to focus on and build your squad around. When you look at their facilities you can see why they produce solid talent. Utilise this as you'll be able to have the best youth intakes out of all the other clubs within Ligue 2.

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