If you're a fan of the Serie League like us but aren't sure where to start then don't worry, we're going to cover the Serie A, Serie B, and Serie C leagues below to help you out. There are many teams deserving to be on this list but here are our top picks.

Lanerossi Vicenza

Image source https://sport.virgilio.it/img/loghi/vicenza.svg

Lanerossi are a pretty decent club sitting in Serie C. In Football Manager 2022 they had a good amount of money  so they will probably have a decent chunk of change in Football Manager 2023 as well. This will be helpful to use to get them promoted to Serie B and eventually Serie A. Vicenza is a club that will probably ride though the table very quickly with a capable manager at the helm as they do have some solid players currently. They currently have average facilities for youth and academy training and adequate youth recruitment so this is something you will definitely want to improve sooner rather than later.  


Image source Parma Calcio 1913 Wiki

Parma are a historic club within Italy and have found themselves on some hard times recently and are currently in Serie B. They have an incredible goal keeper for their current level and several other great players that you can make use of.  In FM22 they had a decent transfer budget from the start so hopefully we can expect to see the same in FM23. Parma have many young talents at their disposal which will help you move up through the table faster. Whilst they have excellent training facilities you will want to improve the youth facilities and youth recruitment fairly soon. Under some good guidance the club will most likely rise very quickly again and make it back to Serie A.

Pro Vercelli

Image source http://www.weltfussballarchiv.com/club-profile/italy/fc-pro-vercelli-1892/816/

Pro Vercelli are one of the most successful clubs within Italy but currently find themselves down in Serie C. They have won the Serie A title an impressive 7 times but the most recent one was in 1922, a whole hundred years ago. You'll need to get them out of Serie C and make them the juggernauts they used to be. They have good training facilities which you'll need to utilise as they don't have the best  first team. You can make use of free signings by developing them and then selling them on for a profit in order to help build up your team. In early days at the club you'll want to focus on developing players that you feel have a spot in Serie B and even Serie A.

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Image source http://www.cagliaricalcio.com/media/55/12842182821172/_summer_camp_tot_4_nuovo_logo.pdf

Cagliari will probably be a popular save when FM23 arrives but have unfortunately just seen themselves relegated to Serie B. They still have a lot of pretty solid players that you can build around and will be very important once you get back up to Serie A. Cagliari have great training facilities and good youth facilities so you want to make good use of this when you bring new players in and develop them. You will want to improve the junior coaching and youth recruitment when you have the chance to.



Genoa are a club that we feel should never be relegated from Serie A as they have won it 9 times in their history with the most recent being in the 1920's. It is a club with history, old history, but history nonetheless that is very important to Italian football. The club play in a 37,000 seat stadium which just doesn't feel right in Serie B. It is your job to get them back up to Serie A and make them a big club once again. They will probably have a decent amount in the transfer window but until then you have decent solid youngsters to build around. You won't need to do a major overhaul of the squad currently until after you get back to Serie A where you'll want to bring in a few new players to help strengthen your position.