We hope you enjoyed the first in the Behind the Username series. Our second instalment takes a look at content creator TheFMChairman/FM Databases.

Name, if different to your actual name, what made you chose that name?

My name is Tony Fenech and I am the FM Chairman. I suppose wanted a name which was associated with FM and the Chairman plays an important role in the running of a football club.

What football team do you support?

I supported Chelsea since long before the Roman Revolution and my favourite player is Gianfranco Zola. Grew up near Chelsea and a proper west end club. Chelsea has a rich and colourful history and this is something I subscribe to.

What is your role with FM Base?

I am a Moderator for FM Base and I look to promote FM Base whenever I can. FMBase is a great community with a great website and lots of information about FM. It has a lot of room to grow even bigger and I want to be an important part of that.

Outside of Football Manager, what do you do?

Outside of Football Manager, I support my family, I am married for 10 years plus and have a son called Rory, he is a goat on Fortnite, the next ninja. He does some Youtube as well.

When did you first start playing Football Manager?

I started playing Football Director on the spectrum and then moved onto games like The Double, Tracksuit Manager and Football manager so I suppose I started playing footy management sims back in 1988, but of course, the first championship manager back in 01/02 and it's taken off from there.

What’s your preferred manager style?

I am a cross between Alex Ferguson and Brian Clough, I am never happy unless I am winning, I will regularly dish out the famous Fergie hairdryer treatment and I will also have the drive and ambition of Cloughie. I like to invest in youth and the future of the club. I play vertical tiki-taka passing possession game with an attacking outlook.

Your favourite past Football Manager save?

My favourite FM Save is my Bradford Park Avenue save. Memories include the hard labour taking them from semi-professional to professional and to league two for the first time, the wins of leagues on last day of the season and of course they erecting a statue of me outside the ground, and the rise through the divisions culminating in the league victory over Bradford City.

Worst moment on Football Manager?

The worst moment was getting sacked by Leeds United by Ken Bates. I only lasted 80 days at Leeds.

Your top tip for Football Manager players, both novice and experience.

My top tip is never be happy unless you win. Never let the team have anything other than a winning mentality.

What's your suggestion for FM21?

For FM21 I would like to see more of the same! Keep improving as they do every year. There are so many features that people don't know about. Miles and the boys at SI do an unbelievable job and don't get the credit they deserve, there is no game in its genre that comes close to Football Manager and therefore it is hard to make big improvements without serious competition. Still, they work very hard every year to improve. As soon as Miles finishes one FM, he is working on the next FM and the Sega and Sports Interactive do a lot of work to help the community so you never find me criticising the game.