5 Features to Enjoy in Football Manager 2020

It’s time to dust off your managing skills and take control of your team! What are we talking about? The biggest release of the year when it comes to football games. This November, on the 19th, the new and improved Football Manager 2020 (FM20) will become available for all those fans that loved its predecessor and couldn’t get enough.

Developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA, the sports management simulation video game allows players to pick from over 2000 clubs to train and develop. Besides improvements regarding graphics, the developers choose to polish some of the existing features and added some new ones to make your experience as amazing as possible. We would hate to spoil the surprise for you, but we are sure that you are curious about this new release, like gambles are curious about newly launched brands, so we sorted out some amazing characteristics that will make your gameplay out of this world.

Staff Responsibilities
If you played FM before, you already are accustomed to this element of the game but a new version always means better performance. This is the case with Football Manager 2020 where you can adapt your experience to your demands. You can delegate all kinds of tasks to your dedicated staff members. Do you have to attend an important press conference? Make your assistant go. In case you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, this feature is definitely going to help you.

Youth Development
This is probably one of the most exciting features expected by FM20 fans. Now you can track the progress of your young members on loan and find out how your investment and facilities impact those players. Your staff is going to monitor everything, from improvements in training to declining in training, and may tell you who is going to break through into the starting team. This feature represents a huge upgrade when it comes to getting the full potential from your prospects. To help you track their progress more effectively, the development centre is in the sidebar.

Individual Training
What can be better than tailor-made guidance? This is another characteristic that helps you complete the experience of FM20. Part of the Development Centre, as the feature mentioned above, this personalised training shall help you focus on each of your players. Exercise with your goalkeepers, prepare your youth for an upcoming match or help experienced ones polish their abilities. Knowing your role in a match is mandatory and when it comes to a decisive moment, you won’t be that footballer that froze.

Code of Conduct
We all imagine that chasing a ball is easy and the fame that comes with each win is something that maybe all of us want. But being a football player means discipline and hard work and the creators of Football Manager 2020 wanted to recreate that. This Code of Conduct is a guide that will help you manage your teams better and won’t let your players off the hook. You can set fines for getting reds or missing training. However, remember to implement this fairly and not be biased with your star players.

Club Vision
Created from the desire to make your experience more genuine, the Club Vision will surely have an impact on your gameplay. This is divided into three strands: ongoing objectives, club culture and the club’s five-year plan. The board has a greater say in footballing matters and how the club is run and, as a manager, you have to respect that. Each category comes with specific demands that you have to take into account when you decide to start managing a specific club. You have to respect the guidelines implemented by the culture, create a pathway for your team and maintain the club’s identity. Also, you have the power to negotiate with the board and agree on terms that are comfortable for both parties.

These are just a couple of the features you are going to enjoy but there is more where that came from. Football Manager 2020 will be available on PC, iOS and Android. “Who am I managing” is the question that will lead you through endless hours of fun and excitement. It’s fresh, it’s breathtaking and it’s only a couple of weeks away!