The Anchor Man is the guy that bridges the gap between defence and midfield. Providing much needed defensive cover the player in this position can break up counter attacks by cutting out passes intended for strikers or players in dangerous positions. This shortlist has been created by FM Wonderkids who has kindly given us permission to share here on FM Base. You can donate to FM Wonderkids at his PayPal.

Football Manager's Definition of the Anchor Man

Sometimes referred to as the "water carrier", the Anchor Man's main duty is to sit in the hole between the defence and the midfield, intercept moves, winning the ball and laying off simple passes to his more creative teammates

Since his key job is to anchor the defence he doesn't venture too far from his position either to close down the opposition or to support the more advanced players.Click to expand...

Players included in this shortlist include (you'll have to download the shortlist to see the full list):


Ruben Neves


Federico Valverde


Igor Zubeldia


Declan Rice


Ismael Bennacer​

To download this Anchor Man shortlist, please click on the link below


Once you have downloaded the shortlist place the file in the following locations (if there is no "shortlists" folder, simply create one):

C:\ Users \ <username> \Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 2020 \ Shortlists \ Click to expand...
/ Users / <username> / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / Shortlists / Click to expand...

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