On the 15th October, Football Manager released a video showing the 'New Headline Features' hosted by Hashtag United's Spencer Owen. Check out the video below.

Spencer looked at four key areas with the biggest hint that the focus on FM21 is directed towards YOU as the manager. With FM20 have a focus on long term planning and development; FM21 has shifted focus towards the manager. Below I'll go through the four key areas mentioned in the video.

  1. Interactions - FM21 has focused on interaction, what you say and how you say it has a lot more meaning to it. Each interaction has a purpose. There is an added focus towards body language as well with the addition of gestured reactions including: throwing a water bottle, pointing the finger, hand in pockets and as seen already the outstretched arms. You're able to speak in a variety of ways that will add more of human nature to the game rather than the standard robotic and predictable nature of interaction that we have seen on older versions of FM.


The additional to interaction on the game help mould you as a manager but also have an influence on your reputation to players and how the media view you so the decision that you make in term of gestures and responses will have to be chosen wisely.

There has also been the addition of 'quick chats'. These represent a potentially real-life one or two-minute conversation that could take play on the training group or just simply as a passing conversation. You are also able to have quick chat with personnel not at your club including players out on loan, on international duty, opposition manager, journalists etc.


  1. The next area focused on in the video was Match Day. Every fixture now feels like a spectacle with build-up and post-match experience will bring new depth that FM has not seen before. Before a game, you'll be able to utilise your backroom staff who are there to give you advise. A new opposition report will offer tactical insight and data analysis and teamsheets which will recommend on how best to exploit the opposition to get the upper hand during the game.


The match UI has been completely remodelled. Your screen is not dominated by the game given you the chance to appreciate the graphical improvements to the match engine which include improved player models, improved animation system and improved lighting.


Post match, you get to see more datta including the exciting addition of the xG system in partnership with SciSports. You'll now be able to see just how clinical your players were or weren't in front of goal.


  1. Recruitment - If not the most important part of the game, it has to be up there. Recruitment has received a few changes for FM21. You are now closer to the scouting and data team allowing you to secure the targets to build your team in your vision. As part of recruitment, on FM21 there is a new staff role, new meetings and new interactions all with the new transfer landscape. Recruitment meetings at the start of each season start you off with suggestions on where to stregthen your squad. Whether you need immediate recruitment or just players that could be developed into first team players, you'll get that advice from your backroom staff. Of course, you are the manager, so the final decision is up to you.


  1. The final area looked at in the video is the End of Season. On FM21, the End of Season experience has been changed letting you relive the highs and lows of the season like never before. Being a successful manager does just mean winning trophies, there are steps along the way that guide your team towards success. You could narrowly avoid relegation or achieve promotion via the playoffs. Should you happen to be successful and win a trophy though, the trophy celebration scene has been revamped with podiums, fireworks, confetti cannon, photographers etc. Finally, at the end of each season, you'll get an in-depth end of season review.


So, that wraps up what was covered in this video. What are you most looking forward to on FM21? Let us know on our social media channels.


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