Tactic testing is back and this time, it's back for good.

Latest results on our Beta Website

We've not had a lot of luck this year with servers and that's the sole reason for the issues we've faced since June with Tactic Testing. We were using a service called Shadow, but that started crashing all the time, we then tried hacking our own PCs into shape but that's really inconvenient. To address our server issues, we've done what we should have done all along and purchased an M1 Mac Mini that's dedicated to testing tactics.

Here's a test time chart based on all the different servers we have used:

Device Test Time
Our own PCs 50 Mins
Shadow 44 Mins
Shadow v2 60 Mins
M1 Mac Mini 35 Mins

So, as you can see -we're killing it now. We have our own server now, we don't need to rely on third-party services or using our own PCs and we're ready to make tactic testing for FM great again. Ha...

Thanks for your patience with us this year.