Base Rivals is a matchmaking system for Football Manager and a fantastic way for you to engage with your community.

Pre-season is fun!

4 reasons to create Base Rivals content

1. Engagement

If you're a Football Manager streamer then no doubt you already know there are some spells where it is difficult to engage with your community unless you're unnaturally charismatic. Base Rivals is a game-changer. Invite your community to enter matchmaking in the hopes they'll match vs you.

2. Esports

Esports is taking off globally, be a part of something that is pioneering Football Manager esports for the many, not just for the exclusively select few.

3. Goodies

We'll make some personalised Base Rivals animations for your streams & videos! Just let us know on our Discord Server if that's something you want.

4. Promotion

We'll feature your content to our audience on our social media and website, that's a pretty big reach!

Your content could look this cool.....

Get involved!

If you wish to get involved, drop us a DM on our Twitter or just tweet at us when you're streaming or you've just published a video or article. Alternatively, just join our Discord Server.

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