On Sunday afternoon we announced the arrival of My FM Journal, the first official product brought to you by FM Base. My FM Journal is a new, unique way of planning and recording your Football Manager progress and in this article you will find the answers to why it was made, what to expect within the Journal and where to go to order your own copy.

Why is there a My FM Journal?

Every Football Manager player has their way of documenting their success on the game. Whether it be through a blank notebook, a graphic, a spreadsheet and nowadays even as a framed print. But, what if you could fill out a journal with all the vital information in a sleek and sophisticated manner?

FM Base wanted to make that a reality and with TarrantinoUX's help, My FM Journal was born. You will not have seen anything like it before and we trust when you have one in your hands that you will never want to be without one again. With a gloss finish and premium paper we believe that My FM Journal is of the highest quality.

What is in My FM Journal?

My FM Journal features five blank seasons for you to fill out but before that you'll be met with your manager profile. Here you will put in all the details about yourself of the alter ego you're using for your Football Manager save.

You can even feel free to mark where you live on the map!

From then on you will have space to plan your season - including a doodle area for note taking - with tactics and set pieces pages as well as a place to jot down your player incomings and outgoings.

As the season progresses you can insert any trophies collected on the way to the end of the season where you'll be met with a number of pages to review the season including: League Table, Cup Finishes, Key Results, your best XI and your Manager Stats.

We have also left two pages for note-taking at the end of each season where you could potentially assess what went right or wrong as well as plans for next season. Alternatively, you could use this space during the season to plan mid-season transfers or record interesting statistics.

FM Base believes it can be used in all different ways.

When you have completed 5 seasons you can purchase another with 5% off as a returning customer and use the Journal to continue the save - with our versatile contents page - or begin a new journey altogether.

Where can I buy My FM Journal?

You can purchase a copy of My FM Journal via the FM Base Store for only £11.89 including shipping that will see your shiny new Journal arrive at your door within 2-3 days. Worldwide shipping is also available.

We have also teamed up with Ecologi to help fight back against Climate Change. For every order made on the FM Base Store, we will plant one tree. You can track our progress, view our forest, and really see the difference we are making by clicking here.

Happy FM'ing all!