You may have seen the teasers, you may not have seen the teasers, either way: today is the day.

For a long time, Base has been committed to exploring Football Manager Esports. Whether in the form of tournaments, leagues, ladders or ranked matchmaking, we made that commitment and we intended to see it through.

Base Rivals is an online matchmaking service for Football Manager. The idea is that you'll play ranked 1v1 network matches using our custom save file, you'll submit your scores, you'll rank up (or down) the leaderboard and you'll eventually win prizes. It's almost as easy as searching for a game on FIFA.

Climb up the Leaderboard by winning games and you'll be in with a chance of winning BIG Prizes.

Pre-season Starts Today

Are you ready to dominate your opponent? Confidence, momentum, tactical nous and your own dedication will carry you through.

  • Starts: 1st Feb '21 @ 4:15PM UTC
  • Ends: 8th Feb '21 @ 4.15PM UTC
  • Prize: $220 Zealand Merchandise split amongst the top 8
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Tune into Zealand

The man, the myth, the legend. Zealand will be going live and playing some Base Rivals at 4:30pm UTC.

Watch Zealand


How can you take part?

If you have discord then all you need to do is join our FM Base discord server, linked here. From there, you'll see our Base Rivals Bot and everything will be explained. You will need to download our Base Rivals database and have a stable online connection also.

How do you win prizes?

Win games. Climb the Leaderboard. Become a legend. But in all seriousness, if you win a prize then we'll shoot you a message on discord and talk about how we can get it to you!

How do you input scores?

In your lobby channel, within the discord server, one person has to put the score into the chat and the other has to confirm it. It's always best to screenshot the result just in case but if everyone's honest then all results will be correct and we'll be able to tell our Continental Pro Licences from our National C Licences.

What do game settings have to be?

Firstly, you must be using the latest patch of FM21. Then, set Match Speed during Highlights to two notches above the middle, Match Speed between Highlights to the furthest point right of the middle. Other than that, you can use any other in-game settings as you desire.

How long do we have to enter the game after our opponent has been found?

Participants are expected to organize and start their matches within 5 minutes of a new round starting.

How do you submit scores?

Score submission is easy! All you need to do is type !win @mentionwinner and the bot will guide you and your opponent through the quick and easy process.

What does @mentionwinner mean?

Discord has a mention function, here's an image of how it works.

How do you win prizes?

Finish the season in any of the top eight leaderboard placements.

So, that's all you need to know about Base Rivals! If you're interested in joining then you will need to join our Discord Server.