FM21: Cheap Wonderkids by FM Wonderkids

In this article, we promote the work of FM Wonderkids who has complied a list of cheap wonderkids from FM21.

FM21: Cheap Wonderkids by FM Wonderkids

What is a wonderkid?

A Wonderkid is a player on the Football Manager database that has a sufficiently highly ability. For the purpose of this article, the players listed in the table have a potential ability of at least 140. A player's potential ability shows how good a player COULD be, not necessarily how good they WILL be and depends on numerous factors including: Age, Personality, Mental attributes, Playing time.

In this article, FM Wonderkids has complied a list of wonderkids that you can either approach to sign (at the start of your save) or you'll be able to purchase them for less than £5M.

See below a example of some of the players in the shortlist

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