What is a wonderkid?

A Wonderkid is a player on the Football Manager database that has a sufficiently highly ability. For the purpose of this article, the players listed in the table have a potential ability of at least 140. A player's potential ability shows how good a player COULD be, not necessarily how good they WILL be and depends on numerous factors including: Age, Personality, Mental attributes, Playing time.

Name Nation Position Club
Silva, Fábio Portugal ST Wolves
Félix, João Portugal AM RLC, F C A. Madrid
Trincão, Francisco Portugal AM RL Barcelona
Ramos, Gonçalo Portugal AM/F C SLB
Reyna, Giovanni United States / Portugal / England AM LC Borussia Dortmund
Luís, Florentino Portugal / Angola DM AS Monaco
Ferreira, Vítor Portugal DM Wolves
Leão, Rafael Portugal / Angola AM L, ST Milan
Gomes, Angel England / Portugal / Angola AM RLC Boavista
Jota Portugal AM RL Valladolid
Vieira, Fábio Portugal AM RLC FCP
Brás, Gabriel Portugal D C FCP
Chermiti, Youssef Portugal / Tunisia ST Sporting
Baró, Romário Portugal / Guinea-Bissau M C FCP
Neto, Pedro Portugal AM RL, ST Wolves
Correia, Thierry Portugal / Cape Verde D/WB RL Valencia
Carvalho, Fábio England / Portugal / Timor-Leste AM RC, F C Fulham
Bragança, Daniel Portugal DM Sporting
Nascimento, Diogo Portugal AM C SLB
Marcos Paulo Portugal / Brazil AM LC Fluminense
Gustavo Assunção Brazil / Portugal / Spain DM Famalicão
Costa, Diogo Portugal / Switzerland GK FCP
Maximiano, Luís Portugal GK Sporting
Brito, Rafael Portugal D C, DM SLB
Quaresma, Eduardo Portugal D C Sporting
Montóia, Guilherme Portugal D/WB L SLB
Pinto, Diogo Portugal GK Sporting
Queirós, Diogo Portugal D C Famalicão
Fernandes, Gedson Portugal / São Tomé & Príncipe M C Tottenham
Santos, Nuno Portugal AM RLC Boavista
Araújo, Tiago Portugal D/WB L, AM RL SLB
Mendes, Nuno Portugal / Cape Verde D/WB L Sporting
Sousa, Bernardo Portugal AM C Sporting
Leite, Diogo Portugal D C FCP
Neto, Martim Portugal M RC SLB
Soares, Filipe Portugal AM C Moreirense
Batalha, Gonçalo Portugal AM C Sporting
Resende, João Portugal ST SLB
Guga Brazil / Portugal D/WB R Atlético Mineiro
Correia, Félix Portugal AM RLC Zebre
Fernandes, Joelson Portugal / Guinea-Bissau AM RL Sporting
Pelágio, Pedro Portugal DM Marítimo
Vinhas, David Portugal D C FCP
Abreu, Diogo Portugal AM C FCP
Gomes, Lucas Sweden / Portugal / Brazil ST FCP
Ronaldo Vieira England / Portugal / Guinea-Bissau DM Verona
Carmo, David Portugal / Angola D C, DM Braga
Borges, Gonçalo Portugal AM RL FCP
Dutra, Sérgio Portugal GK Vit. Guimarães
Sousa, Vasco Portugal AM C FCP
Esteves, Gonçalo Portugal D/WB R FCP
Quina, Domingos Portugal / Guinea-Bissau AM RLC Watford
Jordão, Bruno Portugal DM, AM C Famalicão
Matheus Nunes Brazil / Portugal AM C Sporting
Meixedo, Francisco Portugal GK FCP
Conceição, Francisco Portugal AM RL FCP
Pinheiro, Rodrigo Portugal D/WB R FCP
Esteves, Tomás Portugal D/WB R Reading
Cruz, Filipe Portugal D/WB/AM R SLB
Félix, Hugo Portugal AM C SLB
Romain Da Silva France / Portugal DM OM
Livramento, Valentino England / Portugal D/WB/AM R Chelsea
Solomon, Manor Israel / Portugal AM RC Shakhtar
Almeida, André Portugal AM C Vit. Guimarães
Cardoso, Diogo Portugal ST Vit. Guimarães
Gomes, Luís Portugal AM RL Sporting
Marques, Christian Switzerland / Portugal D C Wolves
Vinagre, Rúben Portugal D/WB/AM L Olympiakos
Da Cunha, Lucas France / Portugal AM RL Lausanne
Sousa, Afonso Portugal AM LC Belenenses SAD
Cruz, Marco Portugal D L, M C FCP
Prioste, Diogo Portugal M C SLB
Sanches, Alvyn Portugal AM RLC Lausanne
Da Silva Lopes, Leonardo Portugal DM Cercle Brugge
Álvaro, Pedro Portugal D C Belenenses SAD
Pereira, Rafael Portugal M C FCP
Gomes, Rodrigo Portugal AM RL Braga
Rui, Mário Portugal D C, DM Famalicão

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