Keep all of your players fits within the club that you manage is of vital importance. Having a dedicated medical team on Football Manager is essential for every club. An injury crisis can have be a massive financial burden on clubs. There aren't many attributes that Football Manager highlights when looking for physios. The most obvious attributes to look for are "physiotherapy" and "Motivation". Some additional attributes to look for in physio that should be more effective include:

  • Fitness - This is advised in the Football Manager manual. Although physios are not Fitness Coaches, having an understanding of player's fitness is vital.
  • Man Management - On Football Manager you won't just have standard physios, you'll have a Head Physio as well as physios for your club's youth teams. Being able to manage a team of physios for the Head Physio and manage players through their injuries is of vital importance.
  • Working With Youngsters - This attribute is more for physios working with your club's youth teams but should be taken into account when recruiting physios for the the first team.
  • Level of Determination - This will effect how effective the physio with in working in their role
  • Adaptability - this will be suitable for foreign physios that join your club from another country. But, adaptability will be required for any new physio when they start at the club.

The question always remains: How many physios do I need?
When recruiting physios, you should also take into account the following things: ambition, finance, the number of players. If you have full squads across your first team and youth squad then it is sensible to have a few physios to manage the potential workload that could be place upon the physios due to the number of players contracted to the club. Physios in the lower leagues are somewhat of a luxury due to financial limitations that lower leagues have. Before recruiting, take into the account the list above otherwise you could face either financial difficulties or a injury crisis. It is essential to learn how to prioritise between managing injuries and managing club finances.

For a list of the best physios (including Head Physios and youth team physios) see the table below. Staff listed in the table are rated at least 15 for both physiotherapy and motivation on Football Manager 2021

Name Nation Team Job Age
Downie, Grant England - Physio 51
Romanenko, Oleg Kazakhstan - Physio 52
Filé Brazil Fluminense Head Physio 59
Fernando Suassuna Brazil ABC President 65
Flávio Meirelles Brazil Botafogo Head Physio 44
Ricardo Sasaki Brazil São Paulo Head Physio 54
De Coene, Jochen Belgium - Physio 46
Tzouroudis, Nikos Greece Zebre Coach 64
Volpi, Piero Italy Inter Chief Doctor 68
Lacomba, Fernando Spain Málaga Physio 43
Biosca, Paco Spain Chelsea Chief Doctor 66
Randelli, Emanuele Italy Zebre Head Physio 54
Munill, Jaume Spain Barcelona Physio 49
Luiz Rosan Brazil - Physio 64
Pereira da Silva, Alessandro Brazil São Paulo Physio 45
Le Hir, Joël France - Physio 72
Drill, Jörg Germany VfL Wolfsburg Physio 64
Rathbone, Mick England Everton Physio 61
Price, Rob England Leeds Head Physio 47
Binningsley, David England Man Utd Physio 44
Laurent, Thierry France Chelsea Physio 55
Williamson, Tim Scotland Celtic Head Physio 50
Tkachenko, Volodymyr Ukraine Shakhtar Physio 77
Gluschenko, Artur Ukraine Shakhtar Head Physio 54
González, Rubén Mexico Tigres Chief Doctor 57
Firmino, Telmo Portugal SLB Head Physio 43
Brau, Juanjo Spain Barcelona Head Physio 47
Villalón, José María Spain A. Madrid Chief Doctor 61
Causarano, Andrea Italy Roma Coach 61
Cotti, Silvano Italy Guangzhou Head Physio 68
Dellacasa, Massimo Italy - Physio 60
Cellier, Jean-Georges France - Physio 62
Hansing, Pedro Argentina River Coach 54
Marcos Vinícius Brazil Goiás Physio 55
Leonardo Morais Brazil Goiás Head Physio 44
Ribeiro Buongermino, Avelino Brazil Santos Physio 55
Gustavo Pires Brazil Ceará Chief Doctor 48
Otaviano Oliveira Brazil Atlético Mineiro Coach 48
Massao Gondo, Marcelo Brazil Palmeiras Physio 53
Dilson Conceição Brazil Vitória Physio 47
Neumann, Edson Brazil Internacional Physio 45
Morgan, Chris England Liverpool Physio 40
Renshaw, Andy England - Physio 41
Nealon, Andrew Australia - Physio 44
Sadler, Robin England Derby Head Physio 40
Müller, Dirk Germany Borussia M'gladbach Physio 51
van der Steen, Marco Netherlands FC Admira Wacker Mödling Physio 54
Stefanini, Luca Italy Zebre Chief Doctor 46
Viganò, Matteo Italy - Physio 41
Tenore, Fabio Christian United States / Italy Udinese Chief Doctor 41
Pieralisi, Francesco Italy Zebre Physio 41
Delfini, Maurizio Italy Zebre Physio 49
Acciarri, Andrea Italy Sassuolo Head Physio 53
Praud, Cyril France Paris SG Physio 35
Zetzmann, Thomas Germany Borussia Dortmund Head Physio 49
Huhn, Christian Germany FC Bayern Physio 44
Eder, Klaus Germany Jahn Regensburg Director 67
Genius, Holger Germany Schalke 04 Physio 53
Putaro, Michele Italy VfL Wolfsburg Head Physio 46
Weickert, Stephan Germany FC Bayern Physio 48
Bianchi, Gianni Italy FC Bayern Physio 55
Erhard, Helmut Germany FC Bayern Head Physio 48
Cavedoni, Elio Italy Zebre Physio 36
Pagani, Alessandro Italy - Physio 44
Fadel, Thiago Brazil Fluminense Physio 39
Byard, Matt England Ipswich Head Physio 53
Friar, Peter England Ferencváros Head Physio 45
Rivera, Julio César Colombia Atlético Bucaramanga Coach 60
Díaz, Alfonso Mexico América Chief Doctor 73
Carvajal, José Spain Sevilla Physio 52
Dellacasa, Marco Italy Inter Head Physio 44
Garbiero, Dario Italy Zebre Physio 54
Bóttoli, Juan Argentina Newell's Chief Doctor 46
Kruckenfellner, Hermann Austria - Physio 42
Tummeleer, Jens Belgium - Physio 43
Mutuberria, Marcelo Brazil Internacional Physio 39
Rolls, Andrew England Bristol City Head of Sports Science 46
Hielscher, Tim Germany Schalke 04 Physio 37
Martin, Joffrey France Paris SG Physio 44
Blume, Ralf Germany - Physio 52
Kortekaas, Jos Netherlands Vitesse Head Physio 46
Rigo, Claudio Italy Sassuolo Chief Doctor 66
Cardini, Alessandro Italy Roma Physio 35
Rebelo, Paulo Portugal SLB Physio 55
Pinto, Luís Portugal FCP Physio 53
Lara, Alberto Spain Granada Head Physio 40
Álvarez, José Manuel Spain Real Hispalis Head Physio 42
Mathieu, Nicolas Switzerland - Physio 57
Le Natur, Bruno France - Physio 58
Adams, Tobias Germany 1860 München Head Physio 38
Schreiber, Hendrik Germany Borussia M'gladbach Head Physio 37
Nicholson, Lewis England Middlesbrough Physio 25
Hartner, Stephan Germany Bayer 04 Physio 32
Celada, Óscar Spain A. Madrid Head of Sports Science 54
Partridge, Richie Ireland - Physio 39
Fevre, David England - Physio 59
Hélio Portugal Brazil - Physio 41
Cesarini, Marco Italy Henan Head Physio 42
Grolleau, Hervé France AS Monaco Physio 61
Misseri, Daniele Italy Fiorentina Physio 44
Goddard-Crawley, Richard England - Physio 42
Sertori, Mark England Man City Physio 52
Caton, Paul England Accrington Head Physio 43
Hartley, John England Aston Villa Physio 40
Nobes, Lee England Liverpool Head Physio 44
Scott, Geoff England Tottenham Head Physio 57
Appanah, Dave England Tottenham Physio 44
Stransky, Tomas Czech Republic - Physio 55
Miranda, Francisco Portugal Braga Head Physio 52
Dainelli, Stefano Italy Fiorentina Head Physio 56
Scolaro, Gianluca Italy Zebre Physio 44
Luna, José Argentina Belgrano Chief Doctor 48
Burzec, Wojciech Poland SK Rapid Vienna Physio 34
de Oliveira Costa, Charles Brazil Cruzeiro Head Physio 47
Guilherme Bianchi Brazil Botafogo Physio 31
Aguiar dos Santos, Michel Brazil Vitória Physio 49
Collinge, Richard England West Ham Head Physio 43
Hunt, Dave England Birmingham Physio 38
Millward, Stuart England - Physio 47
Murphy, Danny England - Physio 46
Herranz, Alberto Leon Spain Watford Physio 42
Keeling, Patrick England Man City Physio 32
Remmers, Holger Germany - Physio 40
Becker, Michael Germany Hertha BSC Physio 38
McGovern, Davie England Celtic Physio 31
Skordis, Dimitris Greece Olympiakos Head Physio 66
Romano, Marco Italy Napoli Head Physio 35
Di Lullo, Marco Italy Napoli Physio 35
Cappannelli, Roberto Italy Sampdoria Head Physio 51
Nannelli, Filippo Italy Fiorentina Physio 35
Lonero, Luca Italy Fiorentina Physio 34
Alex Evangelista Brazil - Physio 47
Fernández Gere, Antonio Spain Valencia Head Physio 44
Mesalles, Jordi Spain Barcelona Physio 36
De la Torre, Ana Spain / Basque Country Getafe Coach 47
Amaya, Pepe Spain Sevilla Head Physio 40
Linde, Xavi Spain Barcelona Physio 36
Zurdi González Spain Valencia Physio 57
Elsinger, Sven Germany Bayer 04 Head Physio 52
Bunz, Wolfgang Germany - Physio 63
Hoffmann, Gerry Germany FC Bayern Physio 59
Niederhoffer, Lionel France Strasbourg Physio 32
Ziogas, Giorgos Greece PAOK Physio 51
García Fonseca, Víctor Spain - Physio 41
Sennewald, Thomas Germany - Physio 54
De Mel, David Germany - Physio 54
Tychsen, Christian Denmark - Physio 41
Pierra, Ivan United States New York Head of Sports Science 52
García Zudaire, Álvaro Spain Getafe Physio 41
Lluís Til Spain Barcelona Chief Doctor 58
Kelly, Paul England Liverpool Physio 49
Rienzi, Alfredo Uruguay - Physio 64
Roldán, Edu Spain / Basque Country Alavés Head Physio 42
Oyola, Cristopher Spain Getafe Chief Doctor 52
Luque, Sergio Argentina Belgrano Coach 45
Papini, Jorge Argentina Villa Dálmine Head Physio 65
Arroyo, Ignacio Argentina Newell's Physio 38
Mansur Fernandes, Sandro Brazil Vasco Coach 39
Rees, Kate Wales - Physio 45
Hayward, Phil England LA Galaxy Head of Sports Science 36
Lilley, Steven England Liverpool Physio 36
Clarkson, Ben England West Ham Physio 35
Graham, Jenny Scotland - Physio 35
Atton, Will England Leeds Physio 34
Schellhammer, Uwe Germany - Physio 53
Massara, Rocco Italy Crotone Physio 59
Pereira da Costa, Marcelo Brazil - Physio 47
Moreno, Carlos Spain - Physio 40
Esposito, Marco Italy Roma Physio 33
Traggiai, Luca Italy Sampdoria Physio 41
Marchini, Andrea Italy Zebre Coach 34
Hauglid, Einar Norway - Physio 39
Azula, Beñat Spain / Basque Country A. Bilbao Head Physio 50
Maloyer, Arnaud France Havre AC Physio 48
Plagge, Sven Germany - Physio 36
Brem, Matthias Germany 1. FCN Chief Doctor 44
Gniesmer, Steffen Germany Hannover 96 Physio 54
Ermgassen, Sönke Germany - Physio 34
Wild, Andi Switzerland Grasshoppers Head of Sports Science 52
Murphy, Gerard Ireland Cork City Coach 62
Gonçalves, Arnaldo Portugal Marítimo Physio 67
Martín, Marcos Spain Vallecano Head Physio 47
Víctor Salinas Spain - Physio 43
McAuley, Scott England Liverpool Physio 38
Batineanu, Liviu Romania Dinamo Bucuresti Chief Doctor 63
D'Avino, Giovanni Italy - Physio 53
Morosi, Roberto Italy Milan Physio 52
Diego Carvalho Brazil América (MG) Physio 34
Leake, Stuart England Rubin Physio 45
Kalogiannidis, Dimitrios England / Greece Chelsea Chief Doctor 39
Brand, Peter England Sunderland Head Physio 45
Tanner, Paul England Millwall Head Physio 40
Dell, Tom England Middlesbrough Physio 25
Teper, David Israel - Physio 74
Luison, Marco Italy Zebre Sports Scientist 50
Sannino, Fabio Italy Napoli Physio 44
Rossetti, Albino Italy Milan Physio 56
Paesanti, Marco Italy Milan Physio 43
Buono, Massimo Italy Benevento Physio 48
Crescini, Gabriele Italy - Physio 31
Lovisetto, Alessio Italy Udinese Physio 41
Sportellini, Andrea Italy - Physio 48
Falsanisi, Daniele Italy Milan Physio 41
Bianchi, Christian Italy Milan Physio 46
Collino, Luca Italy Zebre Physio 39
Zazzaro, Nicola Italy Napoli Physio 43
Veschi, Andrea Italy Inter Physio 45
Díaz, Fernando Mexico Toluca Physio 38
Syumakov, Sergey Russia Lokomotiv Moscow Physio 52
Campa, Álvaro Spain / Basque Country A. Bilbao Physio 52
Vieito, Ernesto Spain Vigo Physio 40
Arévalo, Esteban Spain A. Madrid Physio 52
Ortega, Iván Spain A. Madrid Physio 38
Del Fueyo, Pablo Spain S. Gijón Physio 33
Sergio González Spain A. Madrid Physio 45
Camarero, Hugo Spain Al-Nassr (KSA) Physio 41
Guilanyà, Francesc Spain Barcelona B Physio 35
Estelles, José Luis Spain Valencia Physio 36
van Steenkiste, Kay Netherlands Young Boys Physio 31
Jarque, Mario Spain Valencia Physio 37
Kuczmann, Bodo Germany - Physio 65
Maierstein, Klaus Germany - Physio 51
Eisele, Benjamin Germany - Physio 37
Sepoetro, Morris Germany FC RB Salzburg Physio 28
Silva, Rúben Portugal FCP Head Physio 35
Macauley, Steve England Fleetwood Physio 51
Henderson, Davie Scotland Motherwell Head Physio 60
Fontoura, Feliciano Brazil - Physio 49
Cistaro, Pietro Italy Genoa Physio 49
Girotti, René Argentina Newell's Head Physio 47
Fernández, Diego Argentina Lanús Physio 37
Detaille, Julien Belgium Standard Physio 37
Bruno Nestlehner Brazil São Paulo Physio 36
Bergamo, Guilherme Brazil Internacional Physio 39
Sharps, Rob England Watford Sports Scientist 59
Jones, Tony England Liverpool Physio 30
Pafundi, Mario Italy Man City Physio 42
Jeffrey, Josh England Everton Physio 26
Farmery, Ian England - Physio 32
Walker, David England Bristol City Physio 36
Reece, Jordan England Arsenal Head Physio 38
Titterton, Ruth England Sheff Utd Physio 47
Belli, Andrea Italy Inter Head of Sports Science 40
Luppi, Andrea Italy Milan Physio 35
Uhel, Delphine France OGC Nice Physio 36
Vassout, Guillaume France - Physio 34
Lastra, Luis Colombia Mazatlán Head Physio 60
Fossati, Luis Argentina Atlas Head of Sports Science 60
Monsen, Gregor Norway Brann Head Physio 47
Paulinho Portugal Belenenses SAD Physio 47
González de Suso, José Manuel Spain / Basque Country Real San Sebastián B Chief Doctor 59
Carlos David Spain Tenerife Physio 48
Franolich, Damien United States - Physio 40
Cheyre, Jorge Chile Colo Colo Coach 47
Añón, Aníbal Uruguay Cerrito Chief Doctor 43
Lima, Nuno Portugal Boavista Physio 48
Morais, Hugo Portugal Braga Physio 38
Magalhães, Álvaro Portugal FCP Physio 39
Castell, Pascual Spain Valencia B Physio 34
Marques, Ludovico Portugal Sporting Physio 38

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