When you think of Football Manager 13, the name Gino Peruzzi will probably come to mind. This young Argentinian had so much talent and skill that he created much excitement among Football Manager players, allowing him to nab the title of the best right back in the game by those who loved him. Peruzzi however didn’t appear to be able to live up to the excitement in real life and seems to have fizzled out. What happened to the much loved Argentinian with such a bright future?  

Real-Life Career

Gino Peruzzi began his career back in 2011 when he made his debut in November playing for Vélez Sársfield and appeared in a 1-1 draw with Colón in the 2011 Aperture where he played as a right-winger. After this impressive start, Gino Peruzzi continued to impress and gain recognition after his excellent performances against Santos in the quarter-finals of the 2012 Copa Libertadores, both at home and away. Despite Peruzzi marking and annulling Neymar during the games, his team was eliminated during penalty shootouts.

Gino Peruzzi

Peruzzi was mainly played as a right-back moving forward and although he was mainly used as a substitute for club captain Fabián Cubero he managed to pick up 13 appearances in Vélez’ 2012 Inicial winning championship, scoring once. This young man's talent was appearing to be so huge that he was touted as the successor to Javier Zanetti and Juan Pablo Sorin.

In 2013 Calcio Catania announced that they had signed this young Argentinian with his transfer reporting to be worth 3.4 million euros. Peruzzi made his debut for his new club in December 2013 in a home defeat against Milan, however, his time in Serie A was to run out quickly as Catania was relegated to Serie B within his first season with them.

Gino Peruzzi whilst at Vélez

Peruzzi quickly moved on to Boca Juniors in 2015 and then Nacional in 2018. Peruzzi was able to pick up 5 caps for his country during his time but never managed to break out of his home country. He never stayed at a club for long after his initial transfer from Vélez.

FM Career

Peruzzi had talent that allowed him to obtain the title among FM players as the best right back in the game in FM13. This Argentinian was reliable and progressed rapidly regardless of the club route he took. Rated at 4.5 stars, he was a must-have on your team. Peruzzi was loved for his ability to get forward whenever possible during gameplay and create good crosses for the team. Budding Football Managers would try to sign him early on during gameplay before his price went too high and they got priced out as his talent grew.

There was much excitement around this young Argentinian and the talent that he frequently demonstrated. Some Football Manager players grew concerned around Peruzzi being able to obtain a work permit during the first seasons, but Peruzzi fans were advised not to worry as there would be chances for him to obtain one further into the game. He was often called a ‘monster’ or ‘indestructible’ for his talent, he wowed at every turn.

Peruzzi in-game

Peruzzi was also a great buy for those who liked the ‘moneyball’ approach, as he could be bought relatively cheaply but his value would treble very quickly.

What goes up must come down. It seems the hype around this young man grew too rapidly and Peruzzi was unable to keep up and maintain what once made him great. Chances were perhaps lost to break out into bigger leagues and Peruzzi stays floating around his home country.