FM21 has been announced and gamers are preparing for what new features will be added to the next instalment of the game. In the run-up to the release of FM21, FM Base will be releasing various articles linked to FM21 based on a variety of topics. In this article, we'll look at some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the FM21 BETA.

What is the FM21 BETA?
The FM21 BETA will be a near completed version of the upcoming Football Manager 2021. The BETA is rewarded to people who purchase the game from a recognised retailer.

When will the FM21 BETA be released?
A very common question. FM21 will be release approximately two-weeks before the official release on 24th November 2020. Please be sure to check the official FM social media account regarding the release of FM21 BETA.

Is there a difference between BETA and full release?
Yes, most of the bugs spotted during FM21 are fixed ready for full release. If you notice a bug during the BETA please click on the "report bug" option which will be watermarked in the game. The pre-game editor will NOT be available to use during the FM21 BETA.

Can I use custom graphics and custom databases on FM21 BETA?
You can use custom graphics during the BETA period. For graphics, you can simply transfer the "graphics" folder located in the FM20 folder into the FM21 folder. For custom databases, you need to be sure that the database works with FM21.

Can I continue my save from BETA on the full release?
Yes, you'll be able to continue your save from BETA when the game is fully released on 24th November. Unlike, the Demo you can play the game for an unlimited amount of time on BETA. On the Demo, you are only able to play for six in-game months.

When can I try out the FM21 DEMO version?
The FM21 DEMO will be available on Steam when FM21 is fully released on 24th November 2020.

How do I update from FM 21 BETA to full version?
This will be done automatically as long as you don't have the game open. You just log-in to your Steam account open up FM21 and the game will start updating.

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