FM21 has been announced and gamers are preparing for what new features will be added to the next instalment of the game. In the run-up to the release of FM21, FM Base will be releasing various articles linked to FM21 based on a variety of topics. In this article, we look at some of the teases that we've been gifted with, in the run-up to FM21.

20th October - The official Football Manager Twitter tweeted that they're about to announce some features. Below we'll look at what they announced.
Definition of Defensive Width - On FM21, the defensive width definitions have been changed. We are moving away from the 'wide', 'narrow' etc definitions towards definitions that offer of a tactical description based on what you'll be asking the defender to force your opposition to do. To aid this, arrows have been added for those that need visualisations to understand what each defensive width represents for the opposition.


New Squad View - The addition of Playing Time Pathway was a feature added on FM20. On FM21, you'll be able to see player's Playing Time Pathway muh easier making it much easier to keep your promises with your players.


Goalkeeper Media Descriptions - On FM21, we'll have more detailed goalkeeper descriptions from the media ranging from world-class to wonderkid giving more detail to the description to goalkeepers in the game.


New Objectives - Club Vision was another feature added to FM20. On FM21, some clubs will have new objectives to meet. This will make your experience even more unique from club-to-club.


Penalty Pressure - Before the dreaded penalty shootout you'll be able to see your player's body language. This will allow you to choose players that appear more confident to take a penalty.


New Signings - When a new player joins your club on FM21 you'll be able to set their training focuses, new traits and set-piece duties instantly via one news item.

We're getting updated newgen models on FM21.
Remind players not to get booked!
New celebrations on FM21. Some players won't celebrate against teams that they have previously played for, others will go crazy!
Making your life so much easier. You'll be able to see how players perform in certain positions.