If you're reading this then you're on the new version of FM Base. The fancy, sleek, beautiful and very modern version of FM Base. That dusty little forum we all used for tactics as teenagers? He's all grown up now, he has a day job, two kids, a wife and a garage...okay, you get the point.

The current main feature of our beta platform is tactics. On a surface level this may seem underwhelming but behind the scenes, everything is working extra hard. All the tactics you see on beta.fm-base.co.uk are thoroughly and automatically tested using the peer-reviewed Mr L Tactics testing database.

Our testing capacity is roughly 24 tactics per day, so in two days give-or-take, we will need you to upload some more tactics.

Throughout the FM21 cycle this new platform is our number one focus and over the next few days you will see us publish some more information regarding our plans. We will release our roadmap, our changelog and open a discussion forum so you can discuss this new era for Base.

We can't wait to hear your feedback.